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Training Pups

Training Pups is an initiative that is owned and managed by the team that brought you RescuePets – a Pet Rescue organization and popular App. RescuePets, on average, saves the lives of over 5,000 pets every month.

We are a passionate pet lovers that believes every pet should live a long and happy life.

We realized that this starts with puppies and getting them trained properly. It’s not an easy job but it is extremely rewarding if you get it right!

So we built this site to help all those puppy owners with their precious pets.

We wanted to provide free resources to help new puppy owners along their puppy journey. So we have Bloggers who are also vets, we have Bloggers who have trained many puppies and we have Bloggers just like you pass on their experiences and ideas.

We earn a very small income from well researched Amazon Product Links. Don’t stress – you pay no more for any product we recommend but Amazon gives us a small percentage of each sale. We really appreciate your support in this area as it keeps us going – remember we are here to help.

If you have any questions or even some suggestions we would love to chat – Go to our Ask Us A Question page and let us know,