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Puppy Grooming

Grooming Your Puppy

As much as we love our puppies, grooming them can be a bit of a challenge at times. Grooming your puppy doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow our ultimate guide to grooming your new pup below. 


Getting Your Puppy Used to Being Groomed 


Getting your puppy used to being groomed is one of the most important parts of the grooming process. If you start early, it’s easier to get your puppy used to being groomed and prevent them from becoming afraid or stressed when it comes time for their first grooming session.  


Start with a bath, then move on to other parts of grooming that might make your pup anxious, like nail trimming once they’ve gotten used to bathing.  


How to Clip Your Puppy’s Nails 


Nail trimming can be a tricky task. Puppies’ nails are soft, so they don’t need to be cut as often as adult dogs’ nails. If you cut too much of the nail, it will bleed and cause pain for your puppy. To avoid this problem, use a good quality nail clipper designed specifically for dogs–never use human nail clippers on your dog’s paws! 


Holding the paw gently between two fingers (one hand under the foot and one hand above), clip one nail at a time until all four paws are done. If you see any blood coming from where you’ve clipped off any fur or skin from around the quick (that pink part inside), apply pressure with something like gauze until the bleeding stops.  



How to Trim Your Puppy’s Hair 


You can use clippers or scissors to trim your puppy’s hair/fur, but if you choose to use clippers, be sure they are sharp, and in good condition; a dull blade can cause more damage than a sharp one. If the blades aren’t properly sharpened or are old and worn out, they may snag or cut the skin on your pup instead of cutting through their fur with ease. Check out this YouTube tutorial for some basic tips on trimming your puppy’s hair.  


The Best Ways to Wash Your Fur Ball  


Washing your puppy is an important step in care and grooming in general. It’s also a fun time for both you and your dog!  


To keep things simple (and prevent skin irritation), always choose a gentle shampoo made specifically for puppies. Never use human shampoos because they can contain harsh chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin or even cause allergic reactions over time. Make sure the water is warm but not too hot for your pup’s sensitive skin.  


Why Regular Puppy Grooming is Important  


Grooming is an important part of your puppy’s health and happiness. It can help you bond with your pet. 


In addition to keeping your dog clean and healthy, grooming helps them look great!  

Remember that it’s important to start grooming your puppy early in their life so your dog gets used to being groomed and doesn’t resist when he needs his nails clipped or hair trimmed by you or a professional groomer. If you follow these tips and tricks, we guarantee your furry friend will look great for years. 


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