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Our fantastic FurLife Pet Tags offer a powerful and convenient solution for every pet owner. With NFC and QR code technology, anyone who finds your lost pet can quickly access your contact details (only what you want them to see) and you will get a notification and map entry to tell you where your pet is. These durable, water-proof tags also store your pet’s health history and microchip details, ensuring their safety.

No subscriptions or fees required, and our user-friendly mobile app makes it easy to manage multiple pets. Compatible with all smartphones worldwide.

** Please Note: Tag will come with Steel Key Ring to attach to Pet’s Collar

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Never Lose Your Pet Again

Discover the ultimate pet protection with our amazing Fur Life Pet Tags.

No subscriptions or fees needed! Our NFC chip and QR code integration enable instant contact information retrieval with a simple tap or scan. Stay worry-free as our passive mapping shows where your pet was last located. Store health history and microchip details, while our durable, water-resistant tags withstand any environment. Manage multiple pets effortlessly on our user-friendly mobile app. Compatible worldwide for peace of mind wherever you and your furry friend may roam.

Receive an instant message and Map Location as soon as someone scans or taps your lost pet’s tag. This truly is an amazing Pet Tag that means no matter where or how far they roam you will find your pet and be able to bring them home.

Fur Life Pet Tag Features:

  • No subscriptions: Unlike other pet tracking services, our NFC chip dog tags require no ongoing subscriptions or fees, providing a cost-effective solution for pet owners.
  • Quick and easy contact information: By simply tapping the tag with their phone, anyone who finds your lost pet can instantly access your contact details, ensuring a swift reunion.
  • NFC technology: Our tags utilize the latest NFC technology, allowing seamless communication between the tag and a smartphone for effortless access to pet information.
  • QR code integration: In addition to NFC, each tag is equipped with a QR code that can be scanned using any standard QR code reader app, providing an alternative way to retrieve pet details.
  • Passive mapping: Once a tag is scanned, our system automatically generates a location display, allowing the finder to see where the pet was last located. This feature can greatly assist in the search and retrieval process.
  • Pet health history: Alongside contact information, our NFC chip dog tags enable you to store your pet’s health history. This feature allows veterinary professionals to access vital medical information in case of an emergency.
  • Pet microchip electronic storage: Our tags include a built-in electronic storage system for your pet’s microchip details. This feature ensures that your pet’s microchip information is easily accessible to anyone who finds them.
  • Water-resistant and durable: Our dog tags are designed to withstand the elements and daily wear. They are water-resistant, ensuring that they remain functional even in rainy or wet conditions.
  • Multiple pet support: If you have multiple pets, our system can accommodate all of them under a single account, making it convenient to manage and update their information in one place.
  • User-friendly mobile app: We provide a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to easily update your pet’s information, track their location history, and manage notifications regarding their safety.
  • Worldwide compatibility: Our NFC chip dog tags are compatible with all smartphones and QR code readers worldwide, ensuring that anyone who finds your lost pet can access their information, regardless of their location.
  • No special software is needed for someone to retrieve contact details from the Tag.




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