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Puppy Whining In Crate

Puppy is Whining in Crate

Puppy Whining In Crate

What To Do When Your Puppy is Whining in Their Crate 


Puppies aren’t known for their patience. They’ve got a lot of energy and want to use it! Unfortunately, sometimes this leads them to whine in their crates—which can be frustrating for any owner trying to teach a puppy good behavior.  


What can you do to help your puppy stop whining when they are in its crate? 


Be Consistent with Crate Training 


Consistency is key with proper training! Follow these steps: 


  • Be consistent with crate training. Make sure you’re using the same commands consistently, such as “no whining” or “go to your crate.” 
  • Wait to let the puppy out until it’s completely quiet. If they whine or bark after you give them a command, leave them in their crate for no longer than 10 minutes before letting them out again—even if it means going back and forth between letting them out and putting them back in a few times during one session of training. 


What Can You Do To Stop Your Puppy From Whining in Their Crate? 


You can stop your puppy from whining in its crate by not leaving the puppy in its crate for too long. It’s unhealthy for them and can lead to several issues, including separation anxiety, chewing furniture, and sometimes even barking. 


You should also make sure that you don’t let your puppy out until it’s completely quiet. If they keep whining, wait a little longer before letting them out of the crate. 



How Can You Stop Your Puppy From Whining in Their Crate? 


Follow these steps: 


  • Make sure your puppy feels comfortable with their crate. 
  • Give them a treat and play with them for a few minutes. 
  • Give them a chew toy to keep them occupied while you are gone. 
  • Take your puppy outside and play with him while you are home. 


Reward Good Crate Behavior 


It’s important to reward your puppy when they’re quiet in its crate. After all, you want them to learn that being quiet gets them what they want!  


Try giving them a treat or letting them out of the crate for playtime or a toy. This will help create positive associations with being inside the crate and give your dog something to look forward to when it’s bedtime. 


Making Sure Their Crate is Comfortable 


Make sure your puppy’s crate is big enough for him to lie down and turn around. Create a comfortable bedding material like old towels or fleece blankets that he can burrow into while napping in the crate. Add a favorite or chew toy to make the space extra cozy for your pup. 


When your puppy is whining in their crate, it can be a difficult situation to handle. However, if you’re consistent with crate training and create a comfortable space for them to sleep at night and when you’re gone, they’ll quickly learn that their safe place is where they belong. 


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