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Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained When Left Alone

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained When Left Alone

Leaving our pets on their own can cause anxiety. Here are the Top 10 ways to keep your dog entertained when left alone;


  1. Provide toys: Keep your dog entertained with interactive toys, such as puzzles and chew toys. This can help to keep them occupied and reduce boredom. 
  2. Food-dispensing toys: Food-dispensing toys, such as Kongs, are great for keeping dogs busy. You can fill them with treats or peanut butter to provide a fun and tasty distraction. 
  3. Create a comfortable environment: Make sure your dog has a comfortable and cozy space to relax in when they are left alone. This can include bedding, a blanket, or a crate. 
  4. Play music or leave the TV on: The background noise can help to create a comforting and familiar environment for your dog. 
  5. Give them a treat-dispensing ball: Treat-dispensing balls are a great way to keep dogs entertained and mentally stimulated. Simply fill the ball with your dog’s favorite treats and watch as they have fun trying to get them out. 
  6. Rotate toys: To keep things interesting, try rotating your dog’s toys every few days. This way, they will have something new and exciting to play with each time they are left alone. 
  7. Give them a bone: Provide your dog with a durable chew bone or treat. This will give them something to focus on and help to keep their teeth clean and healthy. 
  8. Provide plenty of exercise: Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise before being left alone. This will help to tire them out and reduce their energy levels, making them more likely to take a nap while you’re away. 
  9. Invest in a dog camera: Consider investing in a dog camera so you can keep an eye on your furry friend while you’re away. This can also provide some peace of mind and allow you to interact with your dog remotely. 
  10. Get them a companion: If possible, consider getting your dog a companion, such as another dog or a cat. Having a friend to play with can help to keep them entertained and reduce feelings of loneliness. 


Dogs crave attention and when they don’t have it they can get stressed. Leaving them alone is normal in a dogs life but they still feel anxious. 

So if you know some other ways to help your dog when left alone please let us know.


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